REMIT for ACER & ElCom

The Webware RRM Service provides a smart and customer friendly solution for the EU regulation No 1227/2011 about the integrity and transparency of wholesale energy markets for market participants.

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Webware eInvoice is a Busines-to Goverment (B2G) and Busines-to-Business (B2B) cloud service. The solution is able to handle the variations in formats (XRechnung, ZUGfERD, PEPPOL BIS Billing 2.0/3.0, SAP Invoice) and legal requirements.

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Compliant Management

The WebQMS Compliant Management System allows companies to investigate customer satisfaction to improve their overall performance.

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Inside Information Platform

The REMIT Inside Information Platform allows all European market participants to publish urgent market messages. This is a free service for our current customers.

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Webware Internet Solutions GmbH is a registered memebr of the OpenPEPPOL Association.
We offer Access Point Services to buyers and suppliers enabling access to the PEPPOL network.

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AS2 & AS4 for B2B

The Webware AS2 / AS4-Communications Hub is a highly available, efficient trading partner communication interface.

Webware recieves Funding from the Connecting Europe Facility of the EU

As part of the UP-Access Project the Webware internet solutions GmbH is participating in the CEF eDelivery Building Block funded by the European Union to update its PEPPOL Access Point to the latest standards. Find out more about the project, technical specifications and the benefits on our project webpage.



EDI Electronic Data Interchange

Webware Internet Solutions GmbH announces the partnership with TESISQUARE® TESI e-Integration is a cloud-based B2B Integration Brokerage solution that improves efficiency and collaboration in extended enterprise processes, by enabling a multiformat and multi-protocol data exchange management.

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Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading
on the Blockchain

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) energy trading in a Microgrid represents direct energy trading between peers. A peer in the P2P energy trading refers to a group of local energy customers, including generators, consumers and prosumers. The peers buy or sell energy directly with each other without intermediation by conventional energy suppliers.

With the introduction of the blockchain, traders will be able to place bids for power and execute purchases through the implementation of smart contracts, without the need for a central utility or authority.


DMS and Archive
on the BlockChain

Our solution provides secure storage and transfer for various kinds of financial, legal or any other types of documents.

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