Workers Placement Module

Products Management and Revision Module

All actions are available for shift manager by drag-and-drop with real-time registration of placement during current running shift. In similar way is managed movement and presence of separate workers in logical buffers:

  • Free (un-occupied) workers
  • Vacation workers
  • Absence due to illness workers
  • Long-term absent workers
  • Custom buffer

WP module shows information orientated by dates, with feature to choose date and browse to future and past dates with filled data. According to current time, shifts are shown as active or inactive and in this way features of the system are working in different ways.

WP module have special administrative mode, which is able to be activated by request of special rights users. In this mode, system allows to adjust all workplaces parameters and attributes of workplaces groups as names, linking to production group, sub-group, planned performance for the shift on current shift, groups and sub-groups and many other.

WP module allows to make different rights access for different user accounts, which could be independent, system-internal with login and password or other case also active directory accounts of carrier server could be used. All accounts are able to get access or be denied of access for:

  • Administrative mode
  • Chosen categories
  • Selected shifts
  • Other key features

Additional feature of WP module is support of disruption layers at all working positions of all shifts and categories. This sub-system allows to manage disruptions also by using available disruption options pool and drag-and-drop technique to assign it for up to three ones at a time to single workplace. As result, WP allows to register exact time spent with particular disruption at every single workplace and use it in calculations of planned performance automatically.

WP module is making automated summary register and displaying amount of worker-hours spent during shift per separate workplaces and also at summary of every group nearby to its caption. There are features of compound clearance of existing data registration for chosen shift and paired copy-paste feature of data to current shift from last active previous shift. Copy-paste functionality allows to re-use data of workplaces workers, disruptions and other daily-changed information.

APL RSP module performs completely automatic mode and makes itself according to configured quantity and interval updating of pages for top needed article positions.

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