Semi-products consuming module

Semi-finished products receiving module – ConsumeScanner

ConsumeScanner module makes registration of semi-finished goods items at steps of usage these items from appropriate buffers when these materials follow to the next stage of workflow.

This module is supposed to be used at steps of workflow with supplying semi-finished goods items as new source material to next stages of workflow, like:

A. Supply of source items from Primary (raw material) buffer storage pool to Secondary (semi-product handling) stage input.

B. Supply of source items from Secondary buffer storage pool to finished goods package labeling stage input.

C. Supply of source items from custom stage buffer storage pool to special workflow-defined destination stage input depending on factory specifics.


ConsumeScanner module is presented in a number of different implementations for suitable hardware platforms used at specific factory. This allows to use flexible tools and hardware chosen as best one for exact case and environment. All these modules are supposing to work in Wi-Fi network covering loading zone of warehouse or areas of inventory control:

2. Windows Mobile/CE 6.5 industrial scanner or Android operating devices to make scanning of finished goods items with embedded scanner.