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Sales Management Module

This module allows to sales team to create and manage orders with support for the complete sales process from its creation in process of communications with customers to invoices management and viewing of basic statistics. Also it allows sales managers to edit the list of customers, finished goods, special prices and a large number of other different reference types in the system.

Export system allows to browse and manage items of active orders, invoices and different reference types with usage of next list of sections:

1. Articles and article attributes editing – main panel to manage finished goods list of facility.

2. Customers list management – panel for customer information management.

3. Customer special prices list management – there it’ll be possible to setup special prices per customer to assign it as discount or special action

4. Orders creation and management with Order panel allows to begin goods sale chain.

5. Packing lists section for receiving of order’s shipped items from production and editing of this information.

6. Invoice section with functionality of invoices creation for completed production orders.

7. Manual Invoice section for custom or special invoices creation without production of goods.

8. Order statistic to browse through order list and check for details of particular orders.

9. Inventory statistic to see overview of contained stock for finished goods in interest of sales.

Customer special prices list management 

There is an additional section of managing special prices for separate customers, which allows to assign these prices in flexible way for each customer specifically. As soon as user save this special price and it get active – there will be used special article price value in all new orders / invoices. 

In this separate section, system allows to select required customer and set of articles and assign it with special prices. 

Customer section in Export system is dedicated to make all operations connected to the management of customers list in the system. This toolbox present to users such possibilities as: 

  • Creation of new customers and editing of existing ones.
  • Managing of related attributes as groups and address of customers.
  • Assignment of important properties as name, contact information, calculation types.
  • Editing of all other properties of customers presented and approved for factory workflow.
  • Editing of special extended data as special documents folder, special label format and other. 

Article section also perform assignment of articles for availability at order creation and customer data usage by setting this customer blocked or active for use. 

Download: Flyer Sales Module

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