Mobile Statistical Module

Products Management and Revision Module

Mobile devices statistics module – FactoryInfo

FactoryInfo containing a number of features in combined views connected to real-time and browsed history statistical data about factory production

It includes:

  1. Selecting destination factory from list of factories to which data this module is connected.
  2. Selecting destination KPI from available set of KPIs for chosen factory.
  3. Displaying of statistical values and KPIs for chosen factory.
  4. Displaying of graphical chart with development of chosen KPI

Module supposing usage at mobile devices such as Apple iPhone and for this reason is in all parts optimized for touch screen and mobile usage. This includes condensed design and graphics together with usage of recent advanced technologies supported by platform – such as Push notifications about data update in the source.


FactoryInfo module allows to show data development of same values as loaded into main grid by simple turning a device into graphical line chart. User could activate this view and return back to numerical values as simple as just turn the device to landscape orientation.

BaleReplace is making change with items of Primary, Secondary, Custom or Finished Goods to resolve cases when it’s needed to change produced items status in the system. This module allows to perform next service operations:

1. Correction to remove goods from stock;

2. Replacement for the goods in cases of re-packing or re-grading;

3. Replacement of the goods for cases of special handling process.

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Mobile Statistical Module
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