Logistics Module

Products Management and Revision Module

Module of logistic management – TrailerScale

TrailerScale module allows to manage logistic input and output of material from the factory. This module allows to register incoming deliveries for example by trucks weight and check it at for two main steps, which will be saved in weight certificate of measured information:

There are options to register input weight with Delivery, Delivery part or Order weight registration. Also it’s possible to input checked weight at any time with dedicated weight registration.

TrailerScale module allows users to select and update information about current set of trucks located at the factory at general truck court places with its placement times and other parameters. There is also supposed to choose supply department in universal form to make module compatible with any of supply section of Export module departments.

TrailerScale module is equipped with feature to receive weight automatically from connected weight hardware industrial measuring terminal unit of any suitable industrial standard with any applicable connection by network or data cable. This allows to calculate delivered weight automatically as difference between truck arrival and departure weights.