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Comfortable Excel Templates

The new Excel templates allow you to gather and transfer GasCapacity, LNG, Storage, standard and non-standard contracts.We can offer Excel templates for further message types. The templates are provided to you with a guide which helps you to fill Table1 and Table2. Features: optional fields can be hidden backloading support creation of UTI / ContractID […]

ACER-XML Validation Tool for free

ACER-XML Validation tool extended for REMITTable1 V2 Due to numerous requests of by customers we added a new version to the REMITTable1 (REMITTable1_V2). We offer all interested companies ACER-XML Validation-Tool for free.   Go to Validation Tool

300 market participants use Webware RRM

About 300 market participants use our Webware RRM service already. Your benefits with the usage of Webware RRM service: Transfer the data and backloading data to ACER for all ACER Formats Using of Webware RRM testing system in connection with ACER testing environments Activation of additional ACER formats can always be configured Activation of additional […]

LNG Excel Template

With the new developed Excel templates for LNG messages can be created  and transmitted via integrated SFTP interface: The templates offer numerous SFTP settings:

RRM Provider for ALL REMIT-Formats

The Webware internet solutions GmbH is the only Provider that was certified for all REMIT-Formats. Further Information is provided under the following Link: List of RRMs with data types (Excel) ( Last update 26 February 2016